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Lufthavnsvikar is aware of the challenge many companies have to face as a result of strict security measures in and aorund the airport. Especially when it comes to escorting external partners having a work related task to perfom. Therefore Lufthavnsvikar is offering Visitor Escort of guests on behalf of those companies.

Examples of who we handle escorts on behalf of:

  • Airline companies without representation in Copenhagen in relation to audits, special assignments or other
  • Suppliers or sub-suppliers
  • Tour operators
  • Promoters
  • Persons without host in CPH who has approved business on airside

Lufthavnsvikar has authorized escorts for all zones and are able to undertake all forms of short term or longer lasting escort services – 1 escort for up to 5 persons, 2 escorts for up to 10 persons as long as everybody stays within the group during the whole visit.

To be able to guarantee an available escort at any given time, the task must be pre-ordered.

Pre-ordering means that Lufthavnsvikarmust, if possible, receive the order the previous day before 5 p.m. or 8 hours before the escort is taking place if the task is within the same 24 hours.

You are always welcome to contact us if in need of urgent escort tasks, or with shorter notice than mentioned above, but then we cannot guarantee to have an escort available.

Lufthavnsvikar is following the rules determined by the proper authorities regarding visitors in the restricted areas of the airport, which all ID-card holders have been briefed about.

We are also available if there should be any doubt about or questions to the new rules regarding receiving “guest visits”. In such case, please contact us by phone or email.