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Fill in this form to order a Visitor Escort for Copenhagen Airport. Your order must reach us one day prior to the assignment before 5 pm. In urgent matters please contact Lufthavnsvikar on phone: + 45 2139 0080
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Sharing of responsibility The customers’ responsibility (the customer who orders the escort task from Lufthavns|vikar) The customer in question is fully responsible for the visitor/s legitimate work related business. The customer is liable to Lufthavns|vikar by any objective liability – in the ratio of CPH for the visitors’ possible breaches of access and residence rules. Lufthavns|vikar assumes only the subjective responsibility with CPH. The customer is responsible for all the necessary work instructions and preparations in connection with the visit, correct and valid information regarding the purpose of the visit, duration, meeting place, contact person, visits area(s) and that any special access has been given to Lufthavns|vikar. Lufthavns|vikar’s/escorts responsibilities Lufthavns|vikar is only responsible for the escorting of visitors, which means full responsibility for the escorted persons movements and behaviour during the whole visit according to established rules by the authorities regarding visitors in the restricted areas of the airport. Escort does not include: Lifting on airside Possible accessibility which requires use of keys Lending of mandatory security and protective equipment Obtaining of special permits for access and traffic and hot work Instructions in construction site rules Visitors are obliged to follow instructions and directions given by the escort from Lufthavns|vikar during their stay. Before passage to airside a mandatory briefing of the rules will be given. Visitors may never be unescorted during their stay. Lufthavnsvikar will charge a minimum of 3 hours, and after 3 hours we charge per commenced hour.
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