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Temporary Solo

We cover day to day jobs as well as along-term personnel solutions for the companies in and around Copenhagen Airport – i.e.: Service, support, planning, handling, promotion, transport, office, reception, shops etc.

We have entered into our own agreements and further more we know and respect current agreements for all areas in the airport.

Temporary Teams

Our Temporary Teams are aimed at our larger customers/clients. Through this solution the cilent has a dedicated team of employees who will be ready when needed.

These teams will, for reasons of fair competition, only be appointed to one customer within the same area/industry at any given time.

Known advantages of Temporaries

  • Full use of resources based on seasonal fluctuations without upgrading.
  • Full use of resources during other peaks in without upgrading.
  • Coverage of vacancies caused by education, vacation, maternity leave etc.
  • Fast and effective aid in connection with operational disturbances.
  • Flexible solutions when you want to match your resources with your needs.
  • Minimizes the general costs for the firm.
  • We are taking care of all administration and we will be responsible for salaries, sickness, vacations, maternity leave etc.